Emilia is a visual artist and creativebased in Mexico working across a variety of disciplines such as printmaking, painting, illustration, sculpture. 


She also works as a freelance graphic designer where she creates handcrafted design combining hand-made and digital elements to achieve unique hand-crafted brandings. 


Emilia currently lives in Mazatlán, Sinaloa and works from her private studio. In addition to creating her own body of work, Emilia accepts custom commissions. 


My work is about finding magic in the ordinary; in the still moments of our daily lives. My style varies throughout the different techniques but my visual surroundings, nature and exploration play a key part in my creative process and are elements continuously present in my work. 


My latest work is inspired by the sea. By the different kind of blues I’ve seen and experienced in the past two years; by the movement and the currents. By the constant change and flow present in the water. Below The Salt is a conversation with the ocean, which is ultimately a conversation with one self. Of how, when below the water, we surrender to silence and are nothing but present.


The materials I use range from oil, acrylic, oil pastels and pastels, charcoal and graphite; depending on what I’m working on, and I am always eager to learn new techniques and experimenting with new materials. 


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